If you and you colleagues like nothing better than tackling challenges head-on, look no further. You will be tasked with solving a series of practical problems; physical, mental and visual. Your team will need to include people who can take the lead, think fast, work co-operatively, listen and communicate effectively.

Challenges may include building bridges, removing explosives from exclusion zones, crossing piranha-infested waters, transporting objects that cannot be touched, creating a geodesic dome, crossing a minefield ….

We will aim to help you to;

Get to know each other (and yourself) better

Improve communication – listen and be heard

Uncover hidden talents and utilise existing skills

Re-assess and adapt to build resilience

The session will be based outside, therefore it is important to dress warmly and have suitable footwear.

Timing: approximately 2 hours/3 hours, although the scenario can be extended or reduced to fit a particular time requirement

Cost: £30 p/p for 2-hour session, £20 p/p for 3-hour session. Ideal group size = 10 – 14