Course Tour


If you have never played at Bourn Golf & Leisure Club before you are in for a treat. Make the most of your trip by learning about some of the pitfalls that lie in wait and how to avoid them as you follow our hole-by-hole tour.

Hole 1

1st Hole A demanding Par 3 to start that requires a well-struck tee shot to find the putting surface. Take one more club to avoid the dangerous brook that guards the front of the green, and do not push it out right!

bourn course hole 2

2nd Hole The safe line off this tee is down the right to avoid the bushes that hug the left hand side of the fairway. Longer hitters may take it down the left side to bring the green into range for their second shot.

bourn course hole 3

3rd Hole A blind tee shot to a raised fairway needs to be aimed and struck well at the marker post. A second shot that plays down hill can be pitched short to feed onto the green. Beware of the hidden bunker short right of the green.

bourn course hole 4

4th Hole A picturesque Par 3 that plays shorter than its yardage suggests. The green is well-guarded by a ditch left. The ideal shot to find this putting surface needs to come in high and soft.

bourn course hole 5

5th Hole A risk or reward Par 5. Longer hitters may take the ditch on with their tee shot but must carry the ball 240 yards to clear the hazard. The lay up shot from the tee needs to favour the right side of the fairway to enable a mid iron second shot up the hill.

bourn course hole 6

6th Hole A Par 4 with stroke index 1 that deserves its rating. The tiger line from the tee is the church spire in the distance, which cuts the corner and leaves a much shorter second shot. The green is well guarded by a pond right, and a bunker left, leaving no bail out areas.

bourn course hole 7

7th Hole

bourn course hole 8

8th Hole

bourn course hole 9

9th Hole

bourn course hole 10

10th Hole

bourn course hole 11

11th Hole

bourn course hole 12

12th Hole

bourn course hole 13

13th Hole

bourn course hole 14

14th Hole

bourn course hole 15

15th Hole

bourn course hole 16

16th Hole

bourn course hole 17

17th Hole

bourn course hole 18

18th Hole

Bourn Golf and Leisure scorecard

Photography by Invision Photography Ltd